Nature Wildlife Preserve & Buffalo Bills Bar - Day 3 in Philly

The John Heinz National Wildlife Preserve in Philly itself was a gorgeous find.  We walked about 4 miles on beautiful trails spotting turtles, herons and a couple of bald eagles.  We even saw one eagle soar off to go fishing for some food.  The Wildlife preserve is nestled between the airport and refineries. It is almost impossible to believe that one could find such a pristine, natural locale in that area.   It is worth a visit next time you are in Philly or if you reside there but have never visited.

Today, the Buffalo Bills played the hated, by our family, New England Patriots. We went to the Bills Bar, Tavern on Broad, to watch the game with other die hard, long-suffering fans.  Check out the cost of Labatt Beer!  The wings were also a special and absolutely delicious.  They actually get the sauce for the wings from Buffalo's iconic Anchor Bar.  Unfortunately, that was the high point of  the game.  Hopes were high given our 16-0 victory over the New England Patriots in their first meeting, the second week of the season. Those hopes, however, were dashed within 20 minutes.  Don't ask and we won't tell the score.

Suffice it to say that our celebration periods at the bar, during the game, were few and far between.  In the pic below, family and friends will recognize Pat, Dan, Sophia and our family friend, Ben, celebrating during one of the game's rare happy moments. My apologies for including the strange celebrating gent on the left but you know how it goes during rare exciting moments.   May the rest of our season provide many happier moments!

Finally, my thanks to Dan and Sophia for putting up with us for 2 full days and nights and showing us a great time.  The happy couple, shown here at Townsend, a spectacular French restaurant that we patronized  in East Passyunk,  will need to guarantee us a Bills victory next time we are in town..